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Taking care of your child’s teeth

We all know the importance of good dental health for the developing child. Our goal is to make sure children can confidently cope with dental visits give them the best start to achieving lifelong dental health.

Our experienced paediatric dental therapists, Bec Harding, Rachael Richards and Maya Janik are devoted to helping infants, children and adolescents with their dental needs as well as reassuring anxious parents.

There is nothing more important to us than providing you, your family and friends with the best dental care our team can offer.

See our Frequently Asked Questions in regards to children at the dentist.

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Children's Dentistry 2

Dental Care Carine work with parents and guardians to help alleviate any stress and anxiety during your child's visit.

As specially trained paediatric dental therapists we know how to manage your child and put them at ease, so your child's visit is as comfortable as possible.

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