Dental Care @ Carine


We know our patients want their dental visits to be worthwhile efficient and importantly made to be comfortable.

We provide an extensive range of treatments to keep you healthy and looking good. As well as restoring or rebuilding damaged teeth and supporting gums we emphasise preventing dental problems with personalised maintenance and follow up care.
Diagnostic Technologies

Dental Care Carine use modern digital x-rays (low dose) and intraoral cameras enabling better visualisation and understanding of any dental problems.

Preventive Care

Our team of dental hygienists and therapists provide maintenance care and advice to prevent future problems.

General Restorative to Major Rehabilitation Dentistry

All treatment options are discussed from tooth coloured fillings/sealants to ceramic crowns as well as replacing lost teeth with implants, bridges or dentures. Full mouth rehabilitation is an opportunity to start again after your mouth has deteriorated from cavities, gum disease, accidents or bite problems.

All extensive treatments need to be carefully planned and can be staged to suit your needs and wishes. 

Aesthetic Dentistry

All our treatments aim to enhance appearance as well as comfort and function with minimal compromise to existing health. Great examples are tooth whitening and conservative adhesion dentistry (e.g. tooth bonding and veneers)

Airway Management

Treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Dental Laboratory on Premises

All implants are made on premises. Creative Dental Art and Technology Dental Laboratory are dedicated to providing the best possible Artline and Digital Implants for our practice. You can rest assured our implants are made by experienced technicians right here and not overseas.

To find out more visit Creative Dental Art & Technology

Our mission is providing our clients with excellent dental care that restores function, enhances appearance and maintains them at an optimum level of oral health and well-being.

We are committed to updating our skills and knowledge to ensure professional and personal growth which enables us to educate and encourage our patients to a lifetime of superior oral health.

Our dedicated team or caring professionals will always endeavour to make our patients feel comfortable exceeding their expectations and develop lifelong relationships with our practice.

Payment Options
We offer the convenience of being able to claim your health insurance fund rebate on the day of service with our HICAPS system leaving you to settle the gap amount only.We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit cards.
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